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Examples of innovations by Litams

2009: Handheld Connected Reader (HCR), a reader with GSM and SIM card. With this we have the Bliep ... Bliep, Ready! principle introduced

2010: the app on the HCR, in combination with a SAAS (Software As A Service) formula that was years ahead of its time

2011: First generation SRS, the slaughterhouse registration system. SRS takes a lot of work off a slaughterhouse and provides very precise traceability in return

2012: Automatic Drafting System - Years before industry leaders such as Prattley and Gallagher introduced an automatic weighing / sorting system, Litams already had an ADS that could do much more than weigh and sort.

2013: Meattracker - where consumers can find the traceability of meat up to and including the birthplace of the animal

2014: Digital VKI animals at the slaughterhouse are directly linked to their digital VKI form

2015: Expansion of sheep and goat services to include cattle, pigs and other animal species. All animal species in 1 management system!

2016: C1, the first reader based on Android

2017: Android + Apple app for weighing, sorting and transporting livestock (Australia and New Zealand)

2018: Android and Apple app that includes all I&R, medicine and management functions in 1 app.

2019: C8 - Android reader with price breakthrough. Upgrade set of existing ADS. Forward preliminary notifications from the app.

2020: New model ADS. Fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual (optionally from the app).

           C9 - the phone that scans ear tags.

           An app with which you can handle all animal data.

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