In December we will release a new version of the app, in which we have made a number of important changes. Below we describe the most important changes.

  • Improved sync - when syncing, it may happen that notifications related to the same animal are not processed in the correct order. We have improved this. Moreover, the sync is also faster.
  • Recalculate - with the improved sync we also solve the problem that if you give animals a new ear tag ("re-mark") and then immediately remove the group, the old ear number is also discarded (which leads to an IC error at I&R).
  • Free numbers - the free numbers (as recorded at RVO) are visible in your app and can be used in functions where a new ear tag must be used, such as birth and re-marking. Make sure that Litams is authorized to request free ear tags from I&R.
  • Accordion list - in the new app it becomes easier if there is an accord list. The number IS counted, all data on the number to be approved is processed correctly and you immediately see if accordion is necessary, because we display the number in red.
  • Automatic weighing - the app is designed for automatic weighing and sorting.

New version of the app 14-OKT-19

The new version of the app went live on 14 October. It is very easy to use this version:

  1. The app on your phone / tablet / PC automatically adjusts as soon as you start it
  2. The app on your reader adjusts as soon as you press sync

What has been changed in this version?

  • Mating - we have made some improvements, so that you can now record the mating easier. In your account you will find the corresponding joining list under "Forms". Of course you will also find every joining report in the passport.
  • Excel download - The life numbers will be shown as 15-digit numbers, instead of the scientific notation
  • You can add addresses to address book via the app.
  • We have made various improvements in response to questions and comments from users about previous releases.

Older Releases

On September 27 we implemented an update of the app and the server software. Both the online and offline app will automatically receive the new version as soon as there is contact with the server (ie after logging in or syncing).

The following improvements have been made in the new version:

The app has been made suitable for controlling weighing / sorting machines from numerous brands.

Provisional notifications (at I&R) now appear with all UBNs in the app.

If you remove animals, you can add a comment. This comment appears on the transport document.

If you supply animals, a supply (transport) document is now also created

Various lists and reports have been improved or made easier to use, such as:

Medicine list

Group list

Weighting list

Address book can now also be changed in the app, as long as it is not a general address (because these can only be changed by Litams)

For customers who have a slaughterhouse, a slaughter report has been added

For customers who perform different types of functions, we can now link users to the type of function. This makes it easier to use various apps side by side.

With a Delivery Report, we create the UBN of Origin. Sometimes this led to double UBNs, as a result of which the supply emlding went wrong. This has been restored.

Various other improvements that simplify data management. We have also added possibilities to be able to detect the cause of errors faster.

Earlier (06-AUG-19) we had already implemented the other improvements:

The date of delivery or removal at the super-handy button to continue provisional notifications is now by default on the same date as the other party specified at I&R.

You can now enter weights and amount of medicine per animal with 1 decimal place

The Supply declaration has been improved, so that it can no longer lead to an error message at I&R.

On the accordion list you can click "Select all numbers"

We have implemented some improvements so that the app works well with the ConnectBox and the ADS, for automatic weighing and / or sorting.