There are many ways that farmers can form cooperatives. Sometimes a true cooperative is created, in other cases it might be that a meat processor acts as a focal point and works with a "cluster" of livestock producers. Regardless of the legal and organizational shape, these cooperatives, alliances and clusters can derive HUGE benefit in working with Litams.


The key benefits are:

  • Each producer has access to the Litams app to collect data on his herd, enabling
    • Higher reproduction rates
    • Automatic weighing
    • Managed availability of process-ready stock
    • Safe meat as treated animals can easily be withheld
    • Healthier herd
    • Automatic compliance with national and local regulations
  • Consultants can remotely run analyses and provide optimization advice to farmers
  • The meat plant can call process-ready livestock, based on age, sex, weight and other available data
  • Livestock transport can be optimized, raking in signifciant savings
  • Advanced payment models can be applied, based on kill-out performance, live weights and other parameters

Roll Out

There are several ways to implement the Litams app. You can recommend Litams within your cluster, for example in combination with financial incentives. Customer support is provided by Litams.

It is also possible to request a private label. This has many benefits, such as recognition, brand promotion, and integration with your back-end. If you're interested to discuss private label, please contact Hans Vanderhoek at