Below we present all functions and possibilities that a Litams subscription offers


The app contains a complete reproduction cycle, from recording condition score to weaning.

Record condition score (0.0; 0.5; 1.0 .... 4.0; 4.5; 5.0)

Deck notification = recording deck moment (with which the expected throw date is calculated); number of deck attempts (returnees); father (s) of an unborn animal

Man at Woman

Man (s) at Group


Pregnancy notification, including fake and questionable. You can also record the number of embryos in pregnancy

Birth lambs, where you can also capture

Mother = Throw - report that the mother animal has thrown, date of throw and possibly also number of live and stillborn.

Date of birth


Birth weight

Place newborn animal in same or different group as mother

Record father (if cover is missing (


Bottle (with possibility to define different types of bottle food)


Weighing and Sorting

With the Litams ADS, as well as other weighing machines (such as Prattley, Gallagher, Te Pari etc) you can weigh and sort automatically or semi-automatically. (ConnectBox required).

Automatic weighing and sorting

Semi-automatic weighing and sorting

Weigh manually.

Sort based on data in the database

You can combine weights and selection criteria.


Create, edit, view and merge groups

Consult animal history per group



Disposal (whereby VKI is automatically sent to customer by email if desired)

Continue missing transports

Overview of transports in the app


Recording drug reports per animal or per group

Keeping track of drug supply


Mortality with or without cause

Brand replacement

Replace brand

Replace trademark if both ear tags are lost (will be linked to missing animals later)


Create your own characteristics and record the details. There are three types of characteristics:



Location (GPS coordinates)


Consult all animal data in the app, anywhere, at any time

Samples (samples)

Create documents for

Milk measurement

Draw blood

Genetic measurements (hair, meat)

Other monsters


Customize the app's menu so that you only see the features you want to use.



All I&R errors directly in the screen of your app, with the possibility to correct them immediately

Missing on / off in your screen o Ability to undo or restore notifications


This app also includes an online account, which you can access via any browser. Here you can do everything you can in the app. So data entry via the website is possible. You will also see:

Create Reminders - you can receive notifications in the app that you have to perform certain tasks. Consider, for example, the annual Q fever vaccination, which must be done on exactly the same date as a year earlier. Or a reminder that an animal should be checked for udder infection.

Reports - the reports have had a major makeover. You can now view a lot of data better. New reports have also been added, such as pedigree and production data.

Selection Files - you can now automatically create selection files. This allows you to select animals via the app. For example, if you have dairy cattle, you can get a notification for every animal in the milking parlor if the milk needs to be kept separately.

Upload data - there are several options to upload data in a CSV or Excel file yourself. Slide (“drag and drop”) the file into the browser and the data will be processed.


Search for answers to your questions from your phone or PC

How do I ..

Tips and advice

Contact via email, whatsapp, Facebook or (if urgent) by telephone

Available 7 x 24 hours

Video instructions

If you want to make more use of the services of Litams, you can consult videos and learn how to use new functions.