PLF is short for Precision Livestock Farming. PLF is to optimize the performance of a herd by recording data at the level of the individual animal in order to make choices.

What is Precision Livestock Farming (PLF)

Wikipedia defines PLF  (Precision Livestock Farming) as the use of advanced technologies to optimize the contribution of each animal. Through this "per animal" approach, the farmer aims to deliver better results in livestock farming. Those results can be quantitative, qualitative and / or addressing sustainability.

To put it differently: with PLF you no longer steer on the average performance of a herd. You check per animal whether it contributes sufficiently to your business objectives. Smart information technology (such as contained in the Litams app) helps you to rank animals:

You can score each animal on factors you find relevant for your farms. Ranging from progeby, to growth and from milk quantity and quality to health. Smart tools help you to combine the data and develop a deeper insight into the performance of your herd. Cull the least contributing animals and continue breeding with the top performers.

The use of RFID (electronic ear tags) and modern IT systems makes PLF possible. In recent years, PLF has proven to improve a company's profitability by 40% a year!

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With the Litams app you make PLF possible. This allows you to better achieve your production goals. We give some examples:

1. Objective: to supply slaugher animals

Litams helps you increase the reproductive value of your herd by charting the reproduction per animal. With this data you can select bloodlines that easily deliver many lambs. We also help you consistently deliver as many kilos of meat per feed input as possible (eg: per hectare).

2. Objective: milk

Litams helps you to achieve a group of highly productive endurance milkers, so that you have fewer goats and more milk. Through precision feeding we help you to get fat and protein levels to the desired level. This way you increase your revenues, while you reduce waste (so: costs).

3. Objective: Landscape management

With the Litams app you can easily determine which group is where. This is how you build an overview of grazing days. You make clear how many "animal days" have been deployed per area. Your shepherds can easily record mortality, drug use and other data with the app on their phone.

4. Objective: livestock trade and / or slaughterhouse

With the Litams app you can see before you make a supply whether the animals are properly registered with I&R. After this you can select and distribute the animals, after which the supply is continued. You can easily create preliminary discharge notifications for your farmers, which they can submit with the right date with one click.

You also provide insight into which livestock gives you the highest profit. For example, you can pay farmers for performance and say goodbye to livestock farmers who deliver cattle, which costs you more than it yields.

5. Objective: sustainability and recycling

If you want to make your farm more sustainable as a livestock farmer, Litams can help you with that. We help reduce waste. This way you prevent manure and methane from being produced by animals that ultimately contribute nothing to your production goal. Furthermore, you can measure with Litams what you put in your cattle and what comes out. In this way, you always make the cycle more transparent.